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Tub & Shower Repairs

Repair tubs, showers and tiles for (much) less than replacing them.

Bathroom cracks, chips, holes and scratches gone!

Do you have an existing tub or a newly installed piece that’s been cracked or chipped, or a plumbing fix that’s resulted in misplaced holes and patches in your tub or shower? You don’t have to live with that less-than-perfect look anymore.

Re-Coat Renovations uses a professional-grade ArmourBond™ bathtub reglazing coating to repair your acrylic fibreglass, metal and cast-iron bathroom pieces and bring them back to looking like new. Our artist-installers can match the colour of any bathroom piece and seamlessly repair and refinish the damage to let your bathroom shine once again. A bathtub reglazing specialist from Re-Coat Renovations can even repair bathtubs with soft or cracked bottoms, reinforcing it and preventing it from happening again.

Why rip out a tub, shower or tiles and cause damage to the surrounding counters, tiles and drywall when a simple bathtub resurfacing can be done in a day and save you the replacement cost? We guarantee our professional repair will be so good those imperfections will be invisible.

Re-Coat Renovations professional bathroom repair is perfect for:

  • homeowners who want to save the environment and repair their bathroom pieces rather than adding them to the landfill
  • house flippers or realtors who know a refreshed bathroom will wow potential homebuyers
  • contractors who need repair options for bathroom renovations and installs
  • offices, restaurants, institutions or hotels looking to maintain bathrooms to a high standard. Whether you want a to update the look of your bathroom, or just need bathtub reglazing to change the color and modernize the look of your bathtub, Re-Coat Renovations can help.  Our team of expert bathtub reglazing specialists can turn your bathroom from drab to amazing in as little as one day, and you can begin using your new bathtub in just 2 days! 

So before you hire a renovation company in Lethbridge consider remodelling your bathroom by starting with bathtub resurfacing.  You may be surprised at how quickly the work can be done, and how affordable your bathtub reglazing can be.

See our full FAQ section for more information on Re-Coat Renovations refinishing technology.



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About Re-Coat Renovations

At Re-Coat Renovations, we believe you can have your dream kitchen and bathroom without a renovation that’s all-consuming, eating up your time, money and energy. That’s why we’re offering Lethbridge and Southern Alberta businesses and homeowners a simpler way to renovate.

We challenge the status quo and bring new solutions to those who question the costly mindset of a disposable society that overwhelms our landfills. Re-Coat Renovations allows you to rejuvenate what you already have with a spectacular new surface. You can get a clean, sleek designer look and feel – with less time and money spent, and definitely less mess and waste to deal with.

Ask Re-Coat Renovations to partner with you and bring your vision to life with solutions that simplify your renovation project. Owners, Denis and Amanda Dodier are the Lethbridge locals behind the successful restoration business, Fibrenew, bringing beautiful everyday pieces back to life. They also run an upholstery repair business, Lethbridge Upholstery & Repair. Re-Coat Renovations Inc. owns and operates Fibrenew Lethbridge, Armour Bathtub Refinishing of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge Upholstery & Repair.

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