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Frequently Asked Questions

Seamless Countertop Refinishing

What is the material you use for the countertops?

Re-Coat Renovations uses a professional-grade, high-quality pourable epoxy that hardens quickly so your downtime with our renovation is minimized greatly. It has a superior bonding capacity and can be designed to look like stone, quartz, concrete and metallics at a cost that is substantially less than buying and installing the real thing.

What type of surfaces can you cover?

We can pour on existing non-porous surfaces like wood, ceramic, metal, concrete and Formica laminate. Together, we design a surface treatment you select from a wide range of colours and looks. Your installed Re-Coat Renovations countertop dries hard in just a few days, and is easy to clean, food-safe and heat-resistant. 

How large can my countertop be?

Since we pour the countertop, there is no limit to the size. And the best part is that means there are no seams in your countertop (unlike large stone installations) to trap dirt and grit. You get a smooth, seamless surface to enjoy for years to come.

Once I decide on my design, what is the process?

The beauty of a Re-Coat Renovations countertop is that from commitment to functionality is just one week! Before we start, we’ll ask you to remove any trim, fixtures, silicone and appliances around the countertop installation area. On Day 1 of the installation, our technicians will prepare the surface, custom mix your selection and then pour the countertop … and, of course, clean up! On Day 2, we’ll return to apply the topcoat and on Day 3, we’ll ask you to not use the counter while it cures for an entire day. After that, you can reinstall trim, fixtures, silicone and appliances, and simply give the countertop 3-4 days to harden fully (for example, you can use the countertop but don’t place heavy objects on it until it hardens).

Do the countertops come in any colour?

We offer many different colours and combinations. In fact, with the product we use, we can we can imitate stone, quartz, concrete and metallics in your kitchen or bathroom and complete it with a gloss, high-gloss or matte finish. All at a cost that is substantially less than buying and installing a new countertop.

Will my Re-Coat countertop be food-safe?

Yes, once the epoxy has hardened, the surface is non-porous, non-toxic and entirely food safe. Since it’s non-porous, it’s also resistant to mold and bacteria growth. Still, we don’t recommend cutting your food directly on the countertop surface, as it can gouge the surface. Just treat it as you would any other countertop surface.

Is the counter heat-resistant?

The Re-Coat countertop is heat-resistant, but not heat-proof. For example, we’d not recommend leaving a hot pot or pan on the counter, just as you wouldn’t do that with a laminate countertop.

Do I have to worry about stains or scratches?

While Re-Coat countertops are very durable, spills of any kind should be cleaned up quickly to protect the look of your countertop.

What if I get a chip or gouge in my countertop?

We love the countertop product we use because of its durable surface. However, sometimes a chip or gouge happens. When it does, this is an easy thing for us to touch up or buff out. Just give us a call.

Do I need to seal the counter like you do with some stone countertops?

When we create a Re-Coat countertop, we do the sealing for you as part of the process. It doesn’t need to be resealed after that.

Do I need special cleaning products for the countertop once it’s done?

Caring for your new Re-Coat countertop is pretty simple. We only ask you to refrain from using an abrasive cleaner, brush or pad on the surface. You can use almost any cleaning product on it, and in most cases, spills can be easily cleaned up with soap and water and a soft cloth.

How does the cost of a Re-Coat countertop compare to installing a brand-new countertop?

It depends on the square footage you need and the finishes you choose for your final product. Generally speaking, we’d put the cost of a Re-Coat countertop somewhere between laminate and stone.

Can you pour a Re-Coat countertop in an outdoor area?

No. Our Re-Coat epoxy product can only be guaranteed for use indoors.

There is currently a UV protected outdoor countertop under development.

Can you epoxy my floor?

Not at this time.

I’ve seen kits for epoxy countertops at my hardware store. Could I just do it myself?

Our Re-Coat technicians have training based on years of experience. Epoxy is a messy product and can be very tricky to apply and get a smooth application. It’s the type of product where you don’t get a second chance to apply so you have to get it right the first time. And, not all products available in Canada are the same quality that we use. We source the best professional product for the most high-end and consistent results.

I’m working with a contractor and designer for my kitchen renovations. Can you work with them?

If you are doing major renovations, we’d be happy to work with your general contractor or designer for estimates, scheduling and billing. We do this all the time!

Tub & Shower Refinishing and Repairs

What is the material you use to refinish bathroom pieces?

At Re-Coat Renovations, for both refinishing and repairs, we use a superior professional-grade ArmourBond™ coating product that strongly adheres to fibreglass, acrylic, metal and cast-iron bathroom pieces and brings them back to the look and feel of a new piece. Our product is sprayed – or sometimes rolled – on your bathroom pieces for an exceptional finish that brings your tub, shower and tiles back to looking and feeling like new.

How soon after you refinish my tub and shower can I use it?

You can use your tub, shower or sink within 48 hours of Re-Coat completing the work.

How long does it take to refinish my bathroom piece?

Refinishing a full wall tub with a roof takes 10 hours, but repairing a small chip can take as little as 2 1/2 hours. Each job is unique! Before we arrive, we’ll ask you to remove personal items from the area, including the shower curtains, and may ask you to remove shower doors, if applicable. If possible, leaky faucets and plugged drains should be fixed prior to refinishing.

How long will it last?

On a tub, shower or sink that’s been refinished, we offer the same kind of warranty that you would get from a manufacturer with the purchase of a new tub.

Is the process safe?

While installing, we take every precaution to keep the sprayed material contained in the work area. Once it’s dried, it will be colour fast and chemical resistant, so you can safely use your refinished bathroom pieces without worry. This coating is often used to protect families from plumbing fixtures that are known to have lead oxide impurities, like some pieces manufactured prior to 1995. A Re-Coat Renovation with ArmourBond™ will solve that problem.

I have an old house with a green tub and sink. Can you make it white?

Yes! White is our most-requested colour, but we can create a tub, shower or sink in many colours.

Do you refresh old clawfoot tubs or antique sinks?

Yes, we do. Keep in mind, though, that we can only refinish the interiors of antique tubs or sinks.

Will I need special cleaners for my refinished or repaired piece?

Care of your new Re-Coat tub, shower or tiles require no special cleaners at all. We only ask you to refrain from using an abrasive cleaner, brush or pad on the surface.

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At Re-Coat Renovations, we believe you can have your dream kitchen and bathroom without a renovation that’s all-consuming, eating up your time, money and energy. That’s why we’re offering Lethbridge and Southern Alberta businesses and homeowners a simpler way to renovate.

We challenge the status quo and bring new solutions to those who question the costly mindset of a disposable society that overwhelms our landfills. Re-Coat Renovations allows you to rejuvenate what you already have with a spectacular new surface. You can get a clean, sleek designer look and feel – with less time and money spent, and definitely less mess and waste to deal with.

Ask Re-Coat Renovations to partner with you and bring your vision to life with solutions that simplify your renovation project. Owners, Denis and Amanda Dodier are the Lethbridge locals behind the successful restoration business, Fibrenew, bringing beautiful everyday pieces back to life. They also run an upholstery repair business, Lethbridge Upholstery & Repair. Re-Coat Renovations Inc. owns and operates Fibrenew Lethbridge, Armour Bathtub Refinishing of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge Upholstery & Repair.

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